[The 13th K-Pop Academy] Application Window Now Open!

▶Date: 24 February – 5 May (10 weeks)

▶Time: Every Saturday afternoon

▶Venues: Korean Cultural Centre UK and various offsite venues

▶Tuition Fee: Free


- You must be 16 or over

- You must not have previously participated in the K-Pop Academy

- You must have a keen interest in Korea and Korean culture


Tel: 020 7004 2600 / Email: info@kccuk.org.uk


▶ Student selection is completed using a lottery-based system. However, students’ eligibility will be examined first, and those who are not eligible will not be included in the lottery selection. e.g. aged under 16 years old, those who have participated in the programme in the past, incomplete application etc.

▶ Once the computer software has selected the applicants at random the chosen names will be announced on our website and contacted individually by email. Then, the computer software will again draft, at random, a waiting list from the remaining applicants. Should any applicants cancel, their place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list and so on.

The 13th K-Pop Academy